Decided I would take two classes at night this fall instead of no school at all, which is definitely a lot less stress on my plate. Since I won’t be going into work until 1 and won’t have classes until later I will have time to go to the gym in the morning and finally get serious about the body that I want. I need to go into Boston and look into getting a bottle service job and then my money worries will be gone, hopefully that works out.

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i want girls to question their sexuality over me and boys to fear me and animals to love me

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i love how there is no comments on this everyone just gets the reference

No. No, I don’t get the reference. 300 thousand people have reblogged this without a word, without so much as a tag, because apparently we all get the reference. I fucking don’t. This has passed by my dashboard hundreds of fucking times and nobody ever asks what the fuck it is.
I’m officially terming this post a conspiracy. 300000 people could not just know what this is. You’re all reblogging this to fit in, or because you know it messes with people, or because you’re the fucking Matrix. You’re the Matrix, aren’t you? You’re all a bunch of Mr Smiths living in a world of green code. Well fuck you all and fuck your stupid post. I’m off to save fucking Zion.
Fuck this.

Dude it’s from spongebob
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buying clothes that aren’t black is hard

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Just the other day I was trying to explain why it makes me so uncomfortable when people call someone who commits suicide selfish, and this sums it up perfectly.
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do you ever see your face from a different angle and have a mental breakdown

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